Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Cyberpunk RPG Project

Welcome to our blog! We are a group of software developers based in the south coast of England, we run a cool software development company called utopia 365. We also make games and interesting apps under the guise of TaleeTalee.

We have our latest title in development called neurinia. The project is a Cyberpunk, top-down 2d RPG which that aims to explore the more traditional dystopian setting as opposed to the newer post-cyberpunk setting. The gameplay will mix both the real-world with the virtual-world as you explore the world as a netrunner. Will be blogging our development here and look forward to getting this much needed game out there. Hopefully creating an excellent and much needed game to add to the small cyberpunk genre.

The game aims to appealing to both cyberpunk fans and those that are new to the genre. It's exciting to share our vision of a dystopic world and explore some theme's that really need to be explored further :)